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Name: Tim

Current position: Intermediate Apprentice in Motor Vehicle with Cornwall Community Action Network, a social enterprise company that helps young people get started in work, build their skills, and move on to further employment.

Types of Employment/Apprenticeship I'm looking for, and what I hope to get from it:

I would like to gain an employed position in a mainstream garage.

What I can offer an employer:

I am hard working, reliable and willing to work. I am building my skills on a daily basis.

Skills and abilities (what I've learnt, what I can do):

I can change front and rear brake pads and discs. I can carry out servicing and pre MOT checks. I can also change and balance tyres.

General Employment Skills (attitude, commitment, personal qualities, timekeeping, reliability etc.):

I work well in a team and am a good problem solver. I have demonstrated excellent attendance and timekeeping.

Work Experience (any work done, employment, projects/training, voluntary work, where):

I have completed a work experience trial at a retail shop for one week.

Qualifications, Units & Certificates achieved:

I have a silver Attendance Award at Police Cadets. GCSE Maths C.

I have achieved the following units so far:  Skills in Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment; Knowledge of Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment; Level 1 Key Skills in Application of Number; Level 1 Key Skills in ICT.

Ref #: Tim IA MV 181111

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