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Name: Shanan

Current Position: Working towards Information Technology Intermediate Apprenticeship qualifications on an Access to Apprenticeship programme with DMT.

Types of Employment/Apprenticeship I'm looking for, and what I hope to get from it:

Computer based, ICT support technician. I hope to learn new skills including customer service and administration. I would also like to improve my ICT technician skills, problem solving and self confidence when working with new people.

What I can offer an employer:

I am very hard working and always do the best I can do. I am eager to learn and gain new skills.

Skills and abilities (what I've learnt, what I can do):

I've learnt how to fix/build computers through practicing with my home computer. I have started to work towards IT Practitioner Apprenticeship qualifications, which will help me improve these skills and gain new ones.

General Employment Skills (attitude, commitment, personal qualities, timekeeping, reliability etc.):

I'm honest and very trustworthy, have good communication skills and timekeeping skills, and I am reliable. You can always rely on me to put 100% effort into everything I do.

Work Experience (any work done, employment, projects/training, voluntary work, where):

I was an active member of my local youth club, where I played various team games including pool and basketball. I am currently gaining experience relevant to my Information Technology qualifications, putting new and existing skills into practice.

Qualifications, Units & Certificates achieved:

I have achieved a good standard of education and a Health & Safety Certificate in 2009. Please see below details of qualifications I am working towards.

Ref #: Shanan ICT A2A 041111

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