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Name: Robbie

Current position: Project Worker - Apprentice Site Carpenter with Cornwall Community Action Network, a social enterprise company that helps young people get started in work, build their skills and move on to further employment.


What can this Project Worker offer an employer?

I am a reliable employee, I am committed to my work as a I understand the traits I need to becoming a good qualified Carpenter, which will help me to progress.

What skills and abilities have the learnt during their training?

I have learnt how to do all the general joints, which meant I could advance onto fitting doors and locks to a good standard. I have also done a series of health and safety tests.

General Skills 

I am reliable, have a good attitude and good timekeeping, am motivated to get the job done.

Work Experience 

I worked for Derek Bell Builders for a six week period, where I learnt some block work and carpentry (working on stairs and doors). I enjoyed this alot as I liked the idea of earning my own money.


I do have my own transport, a motorbike. I am currently taking driving lessons and am well on my way to getting a car.


Ref #: RD0415

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