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Name: Matthew

Current Position: Intermediate Apprentice in Information Technology with Cornwall Community Action Network, a social enterprise company that helps young people get started in work, build their skills, and move on to further employment.

Types of Employment/Apprenticeship I'm looking for, and what I hope to get from it:

I am currently looking for a further employment opportunity where I can continue Apprenticeship training in IT; one that will help me improve on my existing skills and to learn new ones, enabling me to further myself in this profession.

What I can offer an employer:

I am a hardworking individual, who is always ready to get to work.  I have good transferable skills, which makes me fairly versatile depending on the job required.

Skills and abilities (what I've learnt, what I can do):

Skills I have currently consist of:  time management, hospitality, patience, good communication skills, responsibility, good attitude.  I work well in teams and I excel in word processing and literacy.  I have also recently learnt to wire up tap-outs and build computers.

General Employment Skills (attitude, commitment, personal qualities, timekeeping, reliability, etc.):

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, time management, knife handling, food hygiene, hospitality, good housekeeping, communication skills, teamwork and leadership, responsibility.

Work Experience (any work done, employment, projects/training, voluntary work, where):

The Beacon Hotel, St Agnes - Second Chef, waiter – June 2008: I worked at the Beacon Hotel for work experience during year 10.  As I was not trained I was limited to what I could do in the kitchens, however I was able to learn certain skills through the work I did here, such as good housekeeping, hospitality and time management.

Redruth School, Technology College - October 2009 – June 2010: I actively involved myself in the assistance of ‘paired’ reading with the Year 7s, helping to improve their literature skills and improve the ability to read.  To do this volunteer work, I had to apply my patience and empathy to the students.

Qualifications, Units & Certificates achieved:

AS:  Food Technology (E).   GCSE:  English (C); Applied Science (Double – CC); Catering (C); English Literature (D); Business & Communication Systems (D); Design and Technology - Food Tech (D); Art & Design (E); Maths (E).   Religious Studies, Certificate (F)

Ref #: Matthew ICT IA 041011

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