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Name: Liam

Current Position: Intermediate Apprentice in Motor Vehicle with Cornwall Community Action Network, a social enterprise company that helps young people get started in work, build their skills, and move on to further employment.

Types of Employment/Apprenticeship I’m looking for, and what I hope to get from it:

I am looking for an employment or Apprenticeship opportunity in either Motor Vehicle Fitting or Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair so I can work my way up the ladder to become a Technician.

What I can offer an employer:

I am hardworking and dedicated and always willing to learn.  I’ve put what I’ve learnt into practice and always give my best effort.  I am confident to ask for help if needed and help others if required.

Skills and abilities (what I’ve learnt, what I can do):

I can do a full brakes service, stripping, cleaning and examining the brake pads and shoes, drums and discs, replace full braking systems, change tyres and repair punctures, and balance wheels.  I have
had experience of general servicing and I have also done some welding, repairing a wheel arch pre-MOT.

General Employment Skills (attitude, commitment, personal qualities, timekeeping,  reliability, etc.):

I am dedicated and have good timekeeping.  I am reliable, a team worker, confident, and approachable.

Work Experience (any work done, employment, projects/training, voluntary work, where):

I had work experience at Vospers, Falmouth in 2007.

Qualifications, units & certificates achieved:

In addition to the Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship I am working towards I have GCSEs in Maths (grade C), English (C), Science (B/C), Art (C), Drama (C), and Catering (D), and AS Levels in Art (C) and Media (C).

Ref #: Liam MV IA 300911

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