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Name: Dean

Current position: Construction Painting (Decorative Occupations) Intermediate Apprentice with Cornwall Community Action Network, a social enterprise company that helps young people get started in work, build their skills and move on to further employment.

Types of Employment/Apprenticeship I'm looking for, and what I hope to get from it:

I am very keen to build a career within the construction industry. I am particularly focused on Painting and Decorating as a trade and would like to find work with a local employer.

What I can offer an employer:

I have been able to demonstrate very good timekeeping and attendance and feel that this shows my commitment to the Apprenticeship. I am a hard worker always preferring to be busy and making myself useful. I work cleanly and efficiently and understand the importance of maintaining my tools as well as the environment that I am working in. I am ahead of schedule with my theory work and I have passed my CSCS Test. I do not have my own transport at this time but have been able to get to the Cardrew Centre from my home in Trispen. I have received some very positive feedback from all the projects and jobs that I have been a part of.

Skills and abilities (what I've learnt, what I can do):

I have demonstrated that I can work well as an individual or as part of a team. I can apply paint using a brush and roller and can prepare a variety of surfaces. I have applied paint systems to walls, doors and windows both internally and externally. I have used access equipment and can protect surfaces from any spills, etc.

General Employment Skills (attitude, commitment, personal qualities, timekeeping, reliability etc.):

I have good attendance and timekeeping skills, and can plan and organise my day. I follow instructions and am dedicated to doing the best job that I can – I take a pride in what I am doing. I enjoy it when I can produce work to a high standard.

Previous Work Experience (any work done, employment, projects/training, voluntary work, where):

I have worked in construction before as a general labourer and gained a good overall knowledge of the construction industry.

Qualifications, Units & Certificates achieved:

CSCS Test Certificate;

Key Skills Level 1 in Application of Number;

Key Skills Level 1 in Communications;

I have also completed three units of my diploma –

Know how to prepare surfaces for decoration;

Prepare surfaces for decoration;

Know how to apply paint systems by brush and roller.

Ref #: Dean IA PD 290312

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