Vincent Joins RG Kellow as an Apprentice

October 28, 2020 at 2:02 PM

Vincent knew from a short period of previous work experience that he enjoyed practical work.  He had considered studying A levels at college but Vincent was delighted when he was successful in his application for a post with Cornwall Community Action Network and was able to start working towards his goal of becoming a site carpenter and commence Apprenticeship training with DMT Business Services.

Vincent worked as part of a team on a variety of jobs, including renewing a polycarbonate roof, fixing plasterboard, fixing joists and floor sheets and projects such as the refurbishment of the Marketplace in Camborne, where he found himself erecting stud walls and hanging doors as well as learning about the importance of safe working practices and the rights and responsibilities of employment.

After only two months of skills development, Vincent secured an interview, undertook a successful work trial of two weeks and was subsequently offered employment with R.G. Kellow by Robert, the owner.

When asked about his experience of recruiting from CCAN and using DMT for Apprenticeship training , Robert Kellow said:

"When first approached about giving an Apprentice an opportunity I was very skeptical, but with a planned work trial and the first month's wages being subsidised by CCAN there really was nothing to lose.

Vincent presented well at his interview and was well prepared; on his work trial he demonstrated a good appreciation of health and safety; was punctual, reliable and motivated. I genuinely had difficulty finding any faults at all!

Vincent has been working for me since October 2011 and is mentored by Tim Clemow, a very experienced site carpenter, level 3 qualified and pleased to be able to work with a young Apprentice as committed to learning his trade as Vincent is. We appreciate that even when he
has completed the Intermediate Apprenticeship, that there will still be a lot to learn, and would like to progress Vincent on to the Advanced qualification when ready.

It's also reassuring for me, that on the occasions we don't have enough work, Vincent can go to the DMT centre at short notice and pick up his training with the instructor where he left off, there's no time wasted and Vincent benefits even when we're not busy; I couldn't be happier with the arrangement!

We have also had some CCAN Apprentices working with us on the conversion of a local school (a charitable project) and all have been very polite, have a strong work ethic and their standard of work has been good. They are all an employer could expect from keen young Apprentices.

All in all it's a pleasure to work with CCAN and DMT, I'm very happy to endorse this system of recruitment and recommend it as a very helpful way of taking on an Apprentice to other employers." 

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