Employer's recommendation of DMT means a career move for Jack

April 11, 2021 at 6:33 PM

 Jack began his journey into the Construction trade on the Access to Apprenticeship programme in September 2011.   Prior to this, he had achieved good GCSE grades and had done some labouring on construction sites.  A confident young man with a full, clean driving licence, and the motivation to learn a trade to succeed in the industry, Jack made swift progress in learning the core brick and blocklaying skills and was taken on by Cornwall Community Action Network as a Project Worker in October.  He was also delighted to achieve Key Skills qualifications in Application of Number and Communication in December.

Local Builder John Treloar (of N.J.Treloar) was aware that fellow builder Dave Angel wanted to recruit an Apprentice, and recommended he contact DMT to inquire what young people were on construction training.  Following a successful interview with Dave, Jack completed a two week work trial and was offered employment, supported by CCAN with a month’s wage subsidy.

Jack says, “I’m 100% happy with the way DMT’s training prepared me for working in construction.  I have good knowledge of health and safety, I have learnt a variety of different bondings and how to interpret working drawings to set out and I felt fairly confident about how to work on site. Since working for Dave, I’ve become very aware of my place within the team and know that there’s a procedure for absolutely everything that’s done on site. I’m broadening my experience even more now, plastering, learning new mixes and tanking rooms and I’ve learnt a lot about damp-proofing, seeing the damage damp can do to a property first-hand.”

“I would never have had the chance to meet Dave and get taken on without DMT and CCAN’s help,” says Jack, “or have the opportunities working with him are providing for me.  Dave was working in Brittany last week, renovating a chateau - I could have gone with him, but my passport has to be renewed.  I couldn’t believe I missed a chance like that - that’s another valuable lesson I learned, keep my passport up to date!”

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