Entry to Employment (E2E)

Entry to Employment (E2E) is the Entry Level and Level 1 work-based learning option. It’s all about getting young people ready for the workplace and helping them to build their career.

E2E is designed to help young people aged 16-18, who are not in work or training, to develop the skills they need to get an Apprenticeship or other good job with training, or to get the right college course.  (Some young people aged over 18 may also be able to join E2E)

E2E programmes can include: -

  • Tasters, skills sampling and other help to find out the right job
  • Practical skills training (Motor Vehicle, Retail and Customer Service, Construction trades, Care and Child Care, Land-Based, Administration/Office Work, Using IT and ICT Installation, Maintenance and Support, etc.)
  • The chance to work towards qualifications and get certificates
  • Preparation for an Apprenticeship or college
  • Help to apply for and get a job
  • Help with English and Maths if needed
  • Activities like paintballing, five-a-side football, crazy golf, video, DJing or visits that help develop personal, social and key skills and make learning enjoyable

Young people on E2E get to help design their own individual programme.  Training is arranged in training centres, projects and placements as close to their home as possible and they can get help with travel.

If eligible for Education Maintenance Allowance young people can get paid up to £30 per week while on E2E plus bonuses of up to £125 if they complete successfully and go on into level 2 learning and/or work.  We can also provide free travel on our own minibus transport service or help with travel costs. 

E2E pathways include: –

  • Entry to Apprenticeship: Level 1 job skills training; work experience; brush-up on work skills, English & Maths; jobsearch and interview skills
  • Career Focus: Skills sampling, work tasters, help to work out the right sort of job to aim for
  • Skill Builder: Develop the basic/key skills and personal skills all employers want through practical skills training, projects and fun activities like sports and IT
  • Entry to College: Help to decide on the right course meet the entry requirements through preparatory skills training and course sampling

and other individual pathways can be designed to meet young people's needs.

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