Training and Development

If you're looking for a career in training and development

or want to develop the ability to train your own staff...


DMT can help with trainer, assessor or internal verifier qualifications.

Qualifications currently available include:-

  • Training and Development (Human Resource Development) Level 4 LCCI
    Assessor and Internal Verifier Units A1, A2 at Level 3 or 4 LCCI
    Assessor and Internal Verifier Units V1, V2 at Level 3 or 4 LCCI

Why not Contact Us to discuss your requirements?

If you're an employer offering an Apprenticeship to one of our learners you may be able to get a staff member trained and qualified as an Assessor free of charge.  Once they are qualified you can take advantage of our employer delivery partnership arrangements to reduce the cost of future staff training.

If you want to work in training and development but are not yet qualified look at our Find a Placement/Job section to see if there are any job vacancies with DMT and contact our Director of Human Resources, Jackie Ellis to talk about future employement and training prospects and register your interest.  We offer all new staff members full professional training up to qualified teacher/trainer level through the new qualification structure for the learning and skills sector - at no cost!  Many of our staff have used our government-funded training programmes to get the skills, experience and qualifications they need to become instructors, assessors and internal verifiers.