Train to Gain

By ensuring your employees have the right skills to do the job, you can boost your productivity and keep ahead of the competition.  Train to Gain is designed to help businesses develop the skills of their staff and get the training they need to succeed.  It provides free training to enable employees to raise their skills by getting their first level 2 qualification (plus help to improve essential literacy and numeracy skills if needed).  The training is available as part of a wider package of support and advice for employers with dedicated Business Brokers.

DMT offers both a wide range of vocational level 2 qualifications that are eligible for Train to Gain funding  and Skills for Life certificates if required (see the Courses and Qualifications section for information).  All of our training is individually tailored to the needs of employers and learners.  Your training programme will be designed with you and your employee/s to meet your requirements.  We can offer a range of delivery methods and patterns - e.g. workplace assessment and training, centre-based training, supported self study, computer based learning, work-related projects and assignments, day-release, block-release, e-mail support or any combination of these - and there are no set start dates so we can start the training when you want it.  Because our delivery is so flexible and responsive to customer needs we can also vary the delivery methods or patterns during the programme if your needs or circumstances change.

If you are looking for help to train your staff and would like to find out more, just Contact Us to discuss your needs.  We can arrange for one of our Employer Engagement team to come and see you and carry out a free review of your company training needs and the sorts of funding you could access for training or if you would like we can arrange a visit to one of our centres.

If you are an employee, ask your employer to get in touch with us, or Contact Us yourself.  We can either give you information to pass on to your employer or contact them directly.