What Our Customers Say

I have tried lots of different training providers in the past and DMT is by far the best.
I would like to say thank you to all the staff at DMT Business Services who have helped me achieve my goals. I have really enjoyed my time here and have made lots of new friends Being here has made my confidence grow so much and for a lot of that is thanks to Maria.  She has stood by me and helped me tremendously with my NVQ. Also DMT has helped me with my future by supporting me as I prepare to join the Army. Thanks again.
I think it is a great place for young people. There are lots of people who will help you if you are ever upset or stuck with something.
Staff are very friendly and approachable. I am kept well informed. I am not kept waiting. My staff feedback informs me of how good you are!
Interactive learning whilst still being able to run a business works very well.
Representatives are polite and courteous. Operatives in question always look forward to and work well when they realise they have an upcoming meeting.
Gives staff extra confidence and improves skills.
Assessors actually turn up as planned. They work hours to fit in with the shifts candidates are doing eg. night duty.
Good support and assistance from assessors, worthwhile course.
Friendly knowledgable staff who are easy to get hold of when you need to.
I could ask or phone about course anytime, I was kept on track, helped at home, very pleased with my NVQ Assessor (Chris K). Passed my NVQ Level 2, something I never thought I would do - but really enjoyed it - have a new job in a hospital because of this training. Would like to thank everyone at DMT Business Services for giving me this chance to improve my skills and knowledge. Many thanks.
The Jobsearch went well.
The course leader was easy to talk with and dealt very carefully with any problems. 10/10!
Sonia Lewis, Routeway to Work Course
I made the right choice when I joined the course. It's given me the confidence and the belief that I can achieve what I want to do. I recommend the course to all single parents who don't have the support and confidence in getting back to work.
Rebecca White, Routeway to Work Course
I really enjoyed myself and realised there is more to me than just being a mum. 
Samantha Toms, Routeway to Work Course
Thank you very much for all your help this past two weeks. You have changed my complete outlook on life! I will be forever grateful. 
Kirsty Koch, Routeway to Work Course