Risk Free Recruitment

Do you ever have problems recruiting staff because

♦    Applicants lack essential skills, knowledge or qualifications?

♦    You can’t afford to take a risk on whether the person will be able to do the job?

♦    Of the cost in time and money of the recruitment process?

♦    You don’t have the time or money to train a young person from scratch?

If any of this sounds familiar, or if you’d just like to try another approach to recruiting, DMT’s Risk Free Recruitment Service could be just what you need. It offers -

  • free vacancy advertising
  • free matching and screening of applicants
  • job tasters to ensure the right match and potential
  • free pre-employment training to bring the applicant up to your recruitment standard
  • free post-employment training for some applicants to gain skills and qualifications that will benefit your business

We will market your job vacancies to people who are eligible for various kinds of free training, which can be tailored to meet your recruitment and business requirements to offer you Risk Free Recruitment solutions. They may be completing their training with us and looking for a job which will use the skills and qualifications they have gained, or they may not have started training yet or may be on programme and looking for a training placements, tasters, an Apprenticeship place and/or employment. Whatever stage they are at in their training, the programmes they are eligible for will enable them to do a trial placement with you to ensure the match is right before you commit to any longer-term training and/or employment, plus free training to help them meet your recruitment standard. Some may also be eligible for free training once employed to help them gain further skills or qualifications that will contribute to the success of your business.  You can use the service alongside your usual recruitment process as an additional option.

So, if you’d like -

  • help with recruiting
  • the chance to get to know a job applicant and see how they cope with the work before you employ them
  • free training, tailored to your business needs, to help them meet your business needs

why not contact DMT to find out how we could help?