Programme-Led Apprenticeships

Having trouble getting started on an Apprenticeship?

A Programme-Led Apprenticeship could be just the thing!  Programme-Led Apprenticeship programmes enable young people to:

  • start Apprenticeship training   
  • get matched with employers and job vacancies
  • gain vocational and key skills
  • get help with travel
  • get up to £30 p.wk EMA & £125 in bonuses if eligible

Programme-Led Apprenticeships also help employers overcome barriers to recruiting and training young people because they don't have to employ them from the start of the training and the training can be tailored to enable a young person to reach the agreed skill level required for the employer to be able to take them on.

Occupational areas available include:  Construction Trades; Care; Information Technology; Administration; Motor Vehicle; Child Care; Customer Service; Retail.

For more information, just contact us on 0845 680 6868 or Contact Us via this website.

What is a Programme-Led Apprenticeship?

A Programme-Led Apprenticeship is an Apprenticeship – it’s exactly the same thing, the same training. The only difference is young people don’t have to get employed to be able to start and they can get a block of up-front skills training, which means they will have more to offer when matched to an employer. They can also get an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) with Achievement Bonuses, if eligible.

As a Programme-Led Apprentice a young person gets lots of practical skills training and experience in a real working environment - not just theory. It’s training for the real world.

Programmes are tailored to individual needs, not set courses, and there are no set entry requirements (i.e. no GCSE requirements), just an initial assessment to make sure it’s the right programme and the right level for them.

From the time they join a Programme-Led Apprenticeship young people are matched to employers as part of their training programme and can undertake job tasters and/or placements with one or more employers to ensure a suitable match, and help them reach the recruitment standard and move successfully into work. As soon as a successful match is made and they find employment they can start work and start earning and will simply carry on with their Apprenticeship training.

Young people can progress into employment at any point in the Programme-Led Apprenticeship and the aim is to secure employment as soon as possible.

Programme-Led Apprenticeships can also give young people the chance to ensure they have chosen the right Apprenticeship for them before starting employment.

On a Programme-Led Apprenticeship programme young people work towards achieving a Technical Certificate, which gives them the essential knowledge and understanding for the job they want, Certificates in Key Skills required for that type of work, and an NVQ qualification, which assesses their ability to do the work. They will also get training in employment rights and responsibilities and any additional specialist training or certificates relevant to the work. In other words, they get three or more nationally-recognised qualifications, all valued by employers, in just one training programme.

And What Comes After That?

When a young person has moved into employment and completed their Apprenticeship they can progress on to an Advanced Apprenticeship, which will give them a level 3 NVQ and Technical Certificate and higher level Key Skills. You may not realise that young people can progress from an Advanced Apprenticeship to Higher Education and Degree level studies if they want to (for example, Advanced Apprentices in Care have gone on to do Nursing Degrees) so they are not narrowing their options by choosing to do an Apprenticeship now.  Connexions can provide Information, Advice and Guidance about career options.