Motor Vehicle

The Road to Success

Every successful business ensures its workers have the right skills for the job.  Whether you are looking for opportunities for off-the-job skills development, workplace assessment and training or both, DMT offers a range of training programmes and delivery methods to meet your needs.

We provide centre-based training facilities in a fully equipped working garage, as well as supported self study and workplace delivery and support from our visiting Instructor/Assessors.  All of our training programmes are individually tailored and designed with learners and employersto meet their identified needs and delivery preferences.  There are no set start dates or programmes - how and when your programme is delivered is up to you - and there are no standard entry requirements.  We simply carry out an initial assessment with each learner (involving their employer as appropriate) to make sure they will be able to complete the training successfully.  If the assessment identifies that the intended programme is not the right one we will always try to offer or suggest alternatives and progression routes to help you achieve your target qualification/s and get the skills you need.

To find out more just Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Qualifications currently being offered include:-

  • Certificate in Motor Vehicle Studies 1 ABC
  • Award in Vehicle Fitting Operations 1 IMI
  • Vehicle Fitting Operations NVQ 2 IMI
  • Certificate in Vehicle Fitting 2 IMI
  • Vehicle Fitting Operations NVQ 3 IMI
  • Diploma in Vehicle Fitting Operations 3 IMI
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair NVQ 2 IMI
  • Certificate in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair 2 IMI