Information for Young People

If you

  • are leaving school and don't want to go to sixth form or college

  • need help to get an Apprenticeship place

  • are looking for work

  • want to get qualifications

  • need help to meet the entry requirements for the job, career or course you want

why not talk to DMT about the Work Based Learning options open to you?

If you're aged 16-18 and not employed or already on a course or training programme, you'll almost certainly qualify for FREE work-based training up to level 3. 

If you are over 18 or employed you will probably be able to get trained through the Apprenticeship programme or another option like Work Focused Training.  We'll help you sort out which sorts of training you could do and find the right option.

Work Based Learning isn't like school and it's not classroom-based.  With DMT you will be learning in a real work environment whether you are in the workplace or at one of our work based training centres - or a bit of both! - and the way your training gets delivered will be agreed with you to suit the way you learn.

You can check out any current Apprenticeship vacancies and places on courses we on our website and we can help you look for employment and help to explain Apprenticeships and how they work to employers.

If you're employed but not doing training why not contact us to find out what sort of work related training you could do?  We can talk to your employer for you and explain the types of free training you could do, what it would involve and how it could help their business.

If you're not employed and not on a training programme at the moment you could be getting free training to help you sort out the right sort of work for you, get back into learning, meet new people, get essential skills employers require, get qualified, get a job, start your career.  Contact us to find out the options open to you.

If you're still in school contact us and keep in touch for information and help to plan for Apprenticeship training when you leave.   Just Contact Us and let us know what you are interested in.  You may also be able to do training with DMT as part of your options, get the chance to visit us or have us come to talk to you while you are still in school.  Tell your teacher you are interested in the work based training DMT offers and we'll be happy to talk to you and your school to see what could be possible. 

What's in it for you?

Did you know that learning improves your earning power?  Researchers have found that if you have a qualification you are likely to earn around £50 per week more than if you don't have one - and up up to £100 per week more if you get qualified to level 3.  And that's not just academic qualifications like GCSes and A Levels, but practical, work-related qualifications like NVQs. Wherever you're starting from, DMT offers work-based training courses from Entry Level to Advanced Level that will help you get qualified and get better paid jobs.  On an Apprenticeship you get to do training while you are employed so your training is all paid for by your employer and/or funded by taxpayers, so it doesn't cost you anything, you get paid for the work you do and you don't lose any money for agreed time spent training off-the-job or away from the workplace.  To find out more about the options open to you, have a look at our Courses and Qualifications and Programmes and Services sections.  Or why not

just Contact Us, tell us about yourself and what you want to do - we'll help you sort it out from there.