Information for Employers

Employer Apprenticeship Incentive

A new incentive scheme has been implemented to help employers and those looking for an Apprenticeship. The Cornwall Apprenticeship Project will fund financial incentives for local employers to take on an Apprentice, to support existing Apprentices at the risk of redundancy or to increase the number of Apprentices based with a business.

Programme 1

  • £800 for employers taking on a new Apprentice (any age)
  • £750 for employers who train existing members of staff via the Apprenticeship scheme (any age)

Programme 2

  • £1465 for employers to continue employing Apprentices at risk of redundancy
  • £1465 for employers who take on additional Apprentices over the normal annual recruitment levels
  • £1465 for employers who maintain their normal annual Apprentice recruitment
  • £95 per week (for up to 26 weeks)for Apprentices(aged 25+)made redundant to enable completion of the Apprenticeship

Is my company eligible to receive this?

  • Employers can not be from the Public Sector.
  • The employer’s premises which act as the place of work for the learner must be in Cornwall (although the Head Office may be elsewhere)
  • Employer must not have engaged in any way with Apprenticeship programme in the past 18 months. (Programme 1 only)
  • Evidence of risk of redundancy must ensure that the employee is aware that they are at risk of redundancy. (Programme 2 only)


DMT Business Services offer a wide variety of Apprenticeships in Brick & Block, Business Administration, Carpentry, Care, Childcare, Customer Service, Glass & Glazing, IT Users, IT Practitioners, Management, Painting & Decorating, Retail, Team Leading, Vehicle Fitting. Hiring an Apprentice can help your business stay competitive by improving skills, increasing morale, improving profitability and reducing staff turnover.

If you are interested in taking on an Apprentice, please email [email protected] with your contact details,  or use the Contact form. We will keep you updated with all the information as it is announced and stay in contact to help you employ an apprentice.



If you're recruiting or training staff DMT can offer you 

  • Risk Free Recruitment options that help you ensure you've got the right person for the job with the skills you need

  • free, subsidised and competively priced training options to minimise the cost of staff development

  • free recruitmentand matching services

  • help to access jobseekers who are eligible for free pre-employment training and placements to bring them up to your recruitment standard

  • bespoke training designed to meet your needs, and programmes/courses designed with sector groups or employers to meet the skill requirements of local businesses

If you've been having trouble finding young people or adults with the skills you need to employ them, or are looking for the most cost effective ways to recruit and train staff, why not talk to us about how our Programmes and Services could solve your recruitment and training problems, take the risk out of recruitment and save you money?  DMT can help you access young people and adults looking for employmenyt and training opportunities and can offer no cost work experience placements and skills training through government and European-funded programmes like New Deal, Apprenticeships and Train to Gain.

To find out more, simply contact us and ask for one of our Liaison Officers to get in touch and discuss your needs.  No obligation - just information!

We also offer employers working with us a free equal opportunities consultation and a free health and safety healthcheck and confidential report, plus advice, training and signposting to specialist services to help you ensure you meet legal requirements and help to develop staff as Assessors.  Just contact us for more details.