Entry to Apprenticeship

Trying to get an Apprenticeship place?

Having trouble getting employment or a training place?

DMT's Entry to Apprenticeship programme could be just want you need

The Entry to Employment programme (E2E) is designed to help young people aged 16-18 who are not in work, training or education to build their skills, confidence, experience and qualifications so they can go on to Apprenticeships, other jobs and training or college.  (Limited places may also be available for 19 year olds or we may be able to offer other options - please call us to discuss if over 18).  Entry to Apprenticeship is DMT's E2E Pre-Apprenticeship training option.  It is for young people who want to become an Apprentice and get paid while they train but need help to do it.  Every Entry to Apprenticeship programme is an individually-tailored package of training designed with the young people taking part and employers they are matched with to meet their needs. The programmes help young people to prepare for employment, get skills for work, and market themselves to employers and we match them with suitable training and employment opportunities.  Young people on our E2E Entry to Apprenticeship programmes can also get £30 per week Education Maintenance Allowance and achievement bonuses.

Entry to Apprenticeship programmes can include -

  • Jobsearch training to help young people get interviews, perform better in them and get that Apprentice job
  • Skills training to help young people meet employers’ recruitment standards and the requirements of the Apprenticeship framework
  • Qualifications to show employers what they can offer
  • Job tasters and skills sampling to help young people find out what sort of work they like doing and make sure it’s right for them
  • Trial placements to make sure they and the employer are a good match
  • Work experience and training placements to build their confidence and skills and get them ready for work

If you're a young person aged 16-18 and not already in work or training, if you are a parent looking for information about the options open to your son or daughter, or if you are an employer looking for help to recruit and train young people just Contact us for more information, to discuss your needs or to find out how to apply.  (You might also be interested in our Programme-Led Apprenticeship, Learning Agreement, Train to Gainor Risk Free Recruitment options).