Customer Service

Help Yourself to Success

Whatever the industry sector, good customer service skills are essential for the success of any organisation.

DMT offers flexible, individually tailored customer service skills training programmes, including free training towards NVQ level 2, to complete an Apprenticeship, or to meet recruitment standards available through government-funded programmes (see the Programmes and Services section for information).

Training is available all year round (no set course dates, or term times) and we can vary delivery patterns and methods to suit your needs.  We don't impose entry requirements either - we work with each individual, and their employer where applicable, to assess what skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications they already have and make sure they start on the right training programme at the right level so they will be able to complete it successfully.

Just Contact Us to find out if you/your staff are eligible for free training and to discuss your requirements.

Qualifications available include:-

  • Customer Service NVQ 2 EDI
  • Customer Service NVQ 3 EDI