Construction OSAT

OSAT (On Site Assessment and Training) in the Construction Industry

OSAT is a fast-track route to an NVQ

An assessor visits your staff on-site and identifies the skills they already have. The assessor develops an action plan to fill any gaps. Your staff can work to this plan at their own speed and our support staff will keep coming back to see how they’re getting on.

Typically, the whole process takes four or five visits over a period of less than six months.

  • It helps your workers achieve vital CSCS cards quickly and easily
  • It takes account of existing skills so workers only train towards the things they don’t know how to do
  • It’s carried out on site, so no downtime
  • It’s easier for employees if they find reading or writing is difficult

Contact us via the website or call 0845 680 6868 to request more details or apply.