Apprenticeships give you the chance to get paid while you continue to build your skills and get qualified in the type of work you want to do.  You can train at level 2 (Apprenticeship) or level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship) and if you start at level 2 you can go on to level 3 when you've completed.  You can also use your Advanced Apprenticeship achievements to go on to higher education, like a Foundation Degree, if you want to, so Apprenticeships leave all your options open.

Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16-24 and not already taking part in full-time education - but places for young people aged 19 and over can be more limited so don't wait too long!  Apprentices are employed in their chosen occupation and follow a programme of training tailored to meet their needs and their employer requirements.  You get free long-term training, which will get you a number of qualifications valued by employers, and start you off on your career.  DMT's Apprenticeship training is all practical, hands-on and delivered in the workplace or in a work environment - it's not like school or college!  We provide a range of delivery options - day-release, block-release, centre-based training, workplace assessment and training, computer based training, work-related projects and assignments - and all our Apprenticeship training programmes are designed and agreed with Apprentices and their employers to ensure they are tailored to their needs and preferences.

DMT doesn't set any standard entry requirements so you don't have to have achieved at school or in GCSEs or A levels to get a place on our Apprenticeship programmes.  We do want to make sure you will be able to complete the Apprenticeship successfully and start at the right level though, so we'll do a full assessment with you before you start training to find out what you already know and can do.  If you are not yet quite ready, or lack skills, knowledge or experience that employers require and so can't get employed an Apprentice, we also offer a number of options to help young people prepare for Apprenticeships.

If Apprenticeship is going to be the best way for you to do level 2 training but you are not ready to go straight into employment as an Apprentice we can help you prepare for an Apprenticeship and get the necessary skills to meet employer requirements through the Entry to Employment (E2E) programme.  You might find an employer that would like to take you on but doesn't feel able to employ you as you haven't yet reached their minimum recruitment standard.  If so, we might be able to use our Apprenticeship Access programme to give you a short period of training in the skills the employer needs you to have to enable them to take you on as an Apprentice.

We can also help you market yourself to employers to get an Apprenticeship place.  Have a look at our Find a Placement/Job section and Contact Us to discuss what you are looking for.