Adult Apprenticeships

Looking to retrain or to get qualifications to recognise your skills?
Looking for help to recruit and train staff?

You’ve probably heard of Apprenticeships for young people but did you know they are now available for adults too? DMT’s Adult Apprenticeship programmes offer free training for employees and unemployed people in a wide range of occupational areas.

Adult Apprenticeships are for:

People aged 25+, employed or unemployed, particularly those who are
• unemployed, including those on Incapacity Benefit, and want to train or retrain to get back into long-term work
• trying to get into ‘atypical’ work, a career where they would be in a minority e.g. where their gender or race is under-represented, such as men in care work or women in construction
• working in local, regional and national priority sectors (as designated by the LSC, RDA, etc.) and have gaps in their skills and knowledge or lack formal skills qualifications, including people who have completed NVQs in Train to Gain and want to go on to complete an Apprenticeship

Employers who want to
• help their staff improve skills and gain qualifications
• provide opportunities for staff to build on NVQ training they have done or move on from Train to Gain level 2 training to level 3 training
• recruit unemployed people but need help with pre- or post-employment training
• take on an unemployed person but don’t feel able to because the person lacks essential skills or qualifications

Adult Apprenticeships are available at level 2 (Apprenticeship) or level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship). It is free, long-term training, which provides a number of qualifications valued by employers. Apprenticeship programmes include 4 key elements:
• essentials of employment (rights and responsibilities)
• a technical certificate - essential underpinning knowledge and understanding
• key skills relevant to the occupation – essential skills for work like communication
• an NVQ (at level 2, or at level 3 for an Advanced Apprenticeship) – the competence-based element, i.e. it evidences the Apprentice’s ability to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding in practice in a real work situation

DMT's Apprenticeship training
• is practical and hands-on, delivered in the workplace or in a real working environment
• offers a range of delivery options - day-release, block-release, centre-based training, workplace assessment and training, computer based training, work-related projects and assignments, etc.
• is designed and agreed with Apprentices and their employers to ensure it is tailored to their needs and preferences
• doesn't have standard, minimum entry requirements (people don't have to have achieved GCSEs, A levels, or level 1/2 qualifications to get a place - we do a full assessment before training starts to check it’s the right programme and level and if they’re not yet ready we will try to offer options to help people prepare for an Apprenticeship)

Employers who have found someone they would like to take on but don't feel able to employ them yet can use an Adult Apprenticeship to provide a period of up-front training in the skills they need the person to have to reach the recruitment standard. We can also help unemployed people to look for employment and help employers to recruit new staff through this and other programmes (e.g. a New Deal work experience or training placement to ensure the right match followed by skills training through the Adult Apprenticeship programme - check the webpage for more details of our Risk Free Recruitment service).

For more information contact us at [email protected], via the website or by calling 0845 680 68 68.