About DMT Business Services

Who We Are

DMT Business Services is the largest independent training provider in Cornwall. We are a locally owned company, offering services throughout Cornwall and in Devon, with a workforce of 65-70 staff.  Many of our staff members are recruited and trained by us through the programmes we offer.

Our parent company, DMT Property Services, has a remit to maintain and develop a secure and appropriate infrastructure for our training delivery that enables us to continuously improve our services to customers. Through our parent company we are committed to developing training facilities throughout Cornwall and we aim to make our venues available to other organisations to promote multi-agency working that improves services to customers and ensures viability of provision.

Our experience in delivery of training, personal development and work experience stretches back over 20 years to delivery of the Community Programme initiative in the early 1980s as a voluntary sector organisation. During this time a number of organisational changes have been made in response to customer and labour market requirements and the many changes to government training policy and programmes, resulting in the establishment of DMT Business Services in its current form in the early 1990s (DMT standing for Development Management and Training, reflecting the range of training services offered).

DMT is unique in that it combines the ethos and community links of a voluntary sector organisation, the in-centre delivery facilities of a college, the peripatetic training and assessment services of a work-based learning provider, and the flexibility, responsiveness and cost effectiveness of the private sector, with its own distinctive features -

  • the friendly, informal but workplace-like atmosphere and environments that correspond to the realities of the workplace and local labour market
  • a Cornwall-wide, flexible transport network
  • training delivery through projects of community and environmental benefit
  • a free employer network service, with over 5,000 members
  • a commitment to real partnership working, and delivery partnerships with schools, voluntary and environmental organisations, employers, colleges, other learning providers
  • locally owned, locally based and investing locally

 Where We Are

 DMT’s Head Office is in Truro and we have training centres and bases in Bodmin, Truro, Redruth, and Penzance. To enable individuals and employers to access training and overcome transport problems our staff deliver work-based training throughout Cornwall and in Devon (for example, in employers’ and employees’ workplaces, and at hired venues or partners’ premises) and we operate a comprehensive, Cornwall-wide transport service that brings customers to and from our training centres.

What We Do and How We Work

DMT provides training, workforce development and recruitment services for learners and employers through programmes funded by the local LSC and Jobcentre Plus, and on a privately funded, commercial basis.

We focus on -

  • helping unemployed adults and young people into learning and work - particularly those at a disadvantage in the labour market, and those who have not been able to benefit from academic or traditional learning
  • helping new and existing employees to gain skills and qualifications that secure and enhance their employment prospects
  • helping employers to recruit and train staff with the required skills and qualifications, or the potential to gain them using the support available.

DMT currently provides training, work experience and personal development opportunities for unemployed people aged 16-63, young people, employees and employers throughout Cornwall and in Devon, through a range of government- and European-funded initiatives and can provide tailored training at competitive prices for individuals and employers whose needs cannot be met through these programmes (e.g. because they are not eligible for the funding or want different types of training).

We provide a free Employer Network service, which helps employers recruit and train staff. It offers a free vacancy matching and recruitment service, monitors their recruitment and training needs and identifies services to meet them.

All of our training is tailored to suit the needs and preferences of individual learners and employers. We offer a wide range of delivery methods and patterns to help us tailor programmes in this way (as far as the contractual requirements of the bodies funding the training allow us to do). We listen to what our customers tell us about the recruitment and training services we deliver and use the information they give us to continually improve the quality of our delivery and develop the services we offer.

To supplement our own wide ranging provision we purchase some training services for our customers from colleges or other providers. We also provide free help and training to employers to enable them to develop their staff to deliver training and qualifications in the workplace for learners or employees taking part in our programmes. Once their staff are trained and qualified employers can significantly reduce the costs of future staff training.

We continually work to develop new services that improve choice and access for customers or fill identified gaps in provision, and to identify and access new and additional sources of funding to enable us to extend our provision and widen access to learners not served by existing government programmes.

DMT offers training in the key occupational areas and is approved by numerous Awarding Bodies (City and Guilds, OCR, CITB, LCCI, etc.) to deliver an extensive range of nationally recognised qualifications - such as National Vocational Qualifications, other vocational qualifications and technical certificates, short courses and certificates, Key Skills and Skills for Life (literacy and numeracy) qualifications, and Entry level qualifications.

In addition to the qualifications and services we deliver directly ourselves, we can incorporate training services that we purchase from colleges and other providers into the training programmes we deliver for customers, in order to maximise choice and access.

We also provide bespoke training services designed to meet the needs of employers and individual learners and jobseekers, for example –

  • design and delivery of a Routeway to Retail programme for local and national retailers (such as Marks & Spencer, Argos, Tribal Maniax) in partnership with Jobcentre Plus
  • design and delivery of the NHS Routeway programme in partnership with Jobcentre Plus and the NHS to assess, train and recruit jobseekers for vacancies across the NHS
  • competitively priced LGV and PCV driver training courses for employers and individuals

 DMT provides training to meet a wide range of needs, from preparation for work and learning and special needs to advanced level skills training.

Our client groups include: employers of all types and sizes; people with disabilities, health problems or learning difficulties; people from ethnic minority groups; older people; young people who are disengaged from learning, seeking work or in work without learning; people with basic skills, key skills and employability skills needs; long-term unemployed adults; people with low levels of vocational skills or lacking qualifications; people who are rurally isolated, from deprived areas or otherwise socially excluded; people with behavioural, motivational and attitudinal problems; people with a history of drug, substance or alcohol misuse; ex-offenders; and people at risk of becoming involved in offending behaviour.

DMT strives to ensure equality of opportunity and value diversity. Our services have been independently inspected in 2005 by the Adult Learning Inspectorate, who judged that our management and promotion of Equal Opportunities was good.

We work to help our funding bodies meet their objectives and priorities, address regional skills priorities and deliver government policy objectives and we work to get included in, and contribute to, networks and partnerships to promote, support and develop participation and achievement in learning and workforce development.

We work in partnership with other providers of learning and support for learning, and with voluntary and public sector organisations to develop referral and progression routes, enhance the range of learning opportunities we can offer our customers and develop new provision where there are gaps or limited choice.

Our Key Strengths

  • Flexible delivery offering a range of delivery modes, methods and locations
  • Accessible training centres and services
  • Meeting the needs of a diverse client group, including the most disadvantaged and those unable to access, or not benefiting from, learning elsewhere
  • Policy and track record of investment in, and development of, training facilities across Cornwall
  • Offering an alternative to college- or school-based learning
  • Delivery that reflects and is tailored to the needs of the workplace
  • Responsiveness to customer need and tailoring of services to their requirements
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and requirements
  • Cornwall-wide transport service
  • Developing partnerships for progression, delivery and expansion and enhancement of provision and to develop and ensure viable, sustainable provision