Cornwall Youth Apprenticeship Growth Grant

Need help to recruit young Apprentices?

Get a grant of up to £2150 if you take on one of our 16-18 year old trainees

This new grant, the Cornwall Youth Apprenticeship Growth Grant (CYAGG), has been created by DMT Business Services to help employers take on 16-18 year olds as Apprentices in targeted skill areas.  It works alongside the government’s Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) if employers are eligible for it.  This means that you can now access up to £2,150 worth of grants if you employ one of our 16-18 year olds as an Apprentice.

Our CYAGG grant offers 2 funding options, depending on whether employers and/or Apprentices are eligible for the government AGE grant or not.  

If you and your Apprentice are eligible for the government AGE grant you can receive: our grant of up to £50 per week for up to 13 weeks followed by the AGE grant of £1500 payable after the completion of 13 weeks of Apprentice training and employment.

If you are not eligible to receive the government’s AGE grant you can receive: our grant of up to £50 per week for up to 43 weeks.

DMT and CCAN have a number of young people already undertaking Traineeships or starter employment with Apprenticeship training who could be ideal recruits for your business so you can either recruit a young person referred to you by DMT or CCAN or you can identify a 16-18 year old you would like to take on but need help to employ as an Apprentice.  DMT will check if they and you are eligible for our grant and/or the AGE grant.   We can also offer initial 2 week work trials or Traineeship training with your company on a non-employed basis to help ensure the right match for you and the young person, which involve no charges to your company and can be combined with the grant.


NOTES ON ELIGIBILITY - This is not an exhaustive guide. 

Young people will generally be eligible for our Cornwall Youth Apprenticeship Growth Grant if they are:

  • aged 16-18
  • and eligible and ready for a Skills Funding Agency funded 16-18 Apprenticeship
  • and resident in Cornwall and/or working in Cornwall
  • and on one of the following targeted Apprenticeship frameworks:

Construction; Motor Vehicle; Health & Social Care; Glass Industry - Fenestration Installation or Fabrication; IT Application Specialist - IT User; IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professional; Business Administration; Retail; Customer Service; Team Leading

Payments are made while it can be evidenced the Apprentice is still employed by you and undertaking Apprenticeship training with DMT. 

The grant is available for a limited period and is subject to change so don’t delay.

For an outline of eligibility for the government’s Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) go to and click on “Apprenticeship grant: employer fact sheet” in the Employer section.


DMT Business Services, CCAN and you – Doing More Together

DMT is one of the longest established and most successful Cornish training providers, with over 25 years’ experience, expertise in helping 16-18 year olds  and Apprenticeship success rates well above the national average.  CCAN creates starter employment and training opportunities to help unemployed or disadvantaged young people overcome barriers to employment and start their careers through Apprenticeships.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to grow the number of Apprenticeships available to 16-18 year old young people in Cornwall and help them get their careers started with a much valued Apprenticeship place by taking the opportunity to use our grant to create new Apprenticeship jobs and grow your business.  

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