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Want to find out how Apprenticeships can improve the skills of your workforce?

Are you looking for a risk free way to recruit and train new staff?

Would you like help with the costs of training school leavers and other new recruits?

Apprenticeships can provide a cost effective way to improve the skills base of your business and DMT's Apprenticeship programmes can help with the costs of recruiting and training staff.

Training for 16-18 year olds is fully funded with no cost to you.  The government expects employers to contribute up to 50% of the costs of training adults aged 19+ but DMT operates a flexible charging policy* to take account of the different needs and circumstances of employers to try to make sure lack of funding won’t stop you improving your skills base. 

We provide:

  • Apprenticeship training in a range of skill areas (see DMT's Apprenticeship Offer)
  • help with initial wage costs and tailored training pre-/post-employment to facilitate recruitment
  • free vacancy advertising, and matching and recruitment services
  • pre-Apprenticeship programmes, work trials and work placements, to help make sure you get the right person with the right skills and potential to meet your business needs
  • unique off-the-job skills training facilities in our work-based training centres and work projects, which provide real preparation for the workplace and specific tasks

If you're interested in taking on an Apprentice (including semi-skilled Apprentices ready to move on) or using Apprenticeships to train your staff here's how we can help -

  • Contact us to find out more about our Apprenticeships offer and how it can help you recruit and train staff in a  cost effective way.
  • Ask about our initial wage support, work trial, work placement, secondment and contracted work options, and our preparatory training programmes, all designed to help you overcome barriers to employing young Apprentices.
  • Register a vacancy for advertising on this website and the national Apprenticeship Vacancy site.
  • Find an Apprentice (including skilled and semi-skilled candidates).

 *Ask for a copy of our Charging Policy or just get in touch to find out what support you are eligible for.



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