Access to Apprenticeship

Sometimes an employer feels an individual needs more time or some initial training with their company before they will be ready for employment as an Apprentice.

Some individuals may need some preparatory training and work experience before they are ready to start employment as an Apprentice.

When this is the case DMT can provide Access to Apprenticeship training for an agreed period or to an agreed standard before Apprenticeship employment begins.  The individual can start training towards the qualifications in the Apprenticeship framework (which will be completed after employment) and DMT can tailor this pre-employment training to suit the individual's needs and the employer's business requirements.

Employers don't need to decide in advance if this will be required.  Simply register your Apprenticeship vacancy with us, we will advertise it on our website, locally and nationally and when you are considering applicants you can let us know if your selected candidate requires pre-employment training.

If you think you this sort of arrangement could be what you need just contact us and tell us about your requirements or apply via the website. 

If Access to Apprenticeship is not suitable there are other Pre-Apprenticeship options available through government and European funded training options for young people to help them prepare for and access Apprenticeships, such as our Pathways to Apprenticeship and Foundation Learning programmes.

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