About DMT

DMT Business Services is the longest established independent work-based training provider in Cornwall.

DMT has been serving the businesses and communities of Cornwall for over 20 years, providing skills training and preparation for work and Apprenticeships for young people, adults and employers in a wide range of skills areas from preparatory to advanced level.

DMT is unique in operating a fully equipped, multi-skill work-based training centre facility, work projects and social enterprise employment opportunities for skills development and on-the-job practice and training, as well as the more common workplace delivery.

DMT works with a wide range of individuals and employers but we also focus on supporting those at a disadvantage in the labour market and small and medium businesses.  Given the current economic environment we are focusing on helping young people to develop skills employers require, find employment and complete Apprenticeships and on supporting employers to recruit young people and further develop their skills through Apprenticeships to meet business needs.

We are currently supporting take up of Apprenticeships by individuals and employers by:

  • supporting employers who want to train their staff by helping them to access funding for training and delivering Apprenticeship training in a wide range of skills areas;
  • offering young people the vocational skills and knowledge training they need to progress to Apprenticeship training through pre-Apprenticeship support and training;
  • through our social enterprise services, offering employment opportunities to enable young people to undertake a full Intermediate Apprenticeship, and supporting them to move on to other employers to complete or progress to an Advanced Apprenticeship.
  • DMT offers flexible programmes to meet employer requirements and individual needs, and seeks to enable trainees to complete as quickly as possible. 

DMT's current Apprenticeship success rate is over 80% overall.

Our October 2012 OFSTED Inspection found that DMT is currently working at a Grade 2 (Good) and delivered:

  • Good and improving outcomes;
  • Good development of employability, vocational, personal and social skills;
  • Good progressions to further learning, employment or promotions;
  • Good teaching, training and assessment, with strong vocational assessors;
  • Good engagement with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds with multiple barriers to learning;
  • Effective management of the provision with improved quality.

The latest development in our delivery is the partnership with Cornwall Community Action Network Ltd (CCAN), a new social enterprise company, which has been set up to help young people get into employment and improve their skills while providing affordable services for local communities.

CCAN is targeted at helping young people who want to work and improve their skills but who are (or are at risk of being) not in education, employment or training, or who are otherwise at a disadvantage in the labour market.  As well as getting employment and access to a full Intermediate (Level 2) Apprenticeship the young people are all registered with DMT's placement agency to be marketed to employers in the wider commercial business community.  In this way CCAN and DMT Business Services are working together to help young people get started in employment and develop skills that employers want and to support local employers to take on Apprentices and develop their skills further to meet business needs.

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